Input Board
Standard interface ideal for testing inputs with Pull Down Resistor, 2 Tactile Push Button Switch, with current limiting resistor (10k Ohm), ready to operate with +5V input. 
Can be connected directly to input port of control board, training board etc. 
This module intended for educational, experimental and production purposes with 2 Tactile Push Button Switch (6mm X 6mm X 5mm)
Power Supply Voltage: 3.3-15V
Peak Tactile Push Button Switch Current (maximum): 1.5 mA for each Tactile Push Button Switch
Peak Total Output Current (maximum): 3 mA for 2 Tactile Push Button Switch
Connects Directly to Others Controller Boards
Easily Test Inputs of each Port Pin
Separate Power Supply is Not Required
Easily Adaptable to use with Other Boards
Typical applications:  2 independent keys, 4 independent keys (2 Modules), 6 independent keys (3 Modules), 8 independent keys (4 Modules)...
Standard 1x4 2.54mm Pin Socket
Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 ºC
Interface: 2 Tactile Push Button Switch 6mm X 6mm X 5mm
Hole Pitch: Approx. 20mm and 15mm
Hole Inner Diameter: Approx. 2.5mm
Board Size (L x W): 20 x 19mm
Weight: 3g
NOTE: Solder Mask is Transparent
Solder Mask Features:
•  very good insulating properties, high dielectric strength 
•  aromatic free 
•  high stability, the film remains transparent and flexible in time
•  resistant to humidity 
•  resistant to diluted acids and alkalines
•  UV-resistant
•  can be soldered through
•  temperature range : -70 °C to +100 °C
•  dielectric strength is approx. 110kV/mm


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Mini 2 Keys Keypad Module

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